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Galvanized Tiles

Galvanized tiles are quick to be installed, because the material is lighter, minimizes the problems in the assembly, without waste.

The zinc coating of galvanized sheet roofing / galvalume is one of the most effective and economic processes used to protect steel against atmospheric corrosion.

We produce tiles tailored in Keystone 40, ideal for covering and trapeze 25 that besides being used in coverage can be applied in side closings and Work of sidings.

Thermo Tiles

The thermo tiles are perfect for projects that require great finish with thermal and acoustic insulation, Comprising two trapezoidal tiles forming a "sandwich" with the core of polystyrene (Styrofoam), which expand and adhere perfectly to the galvalume, creating a new product, endowed with great rigidity, high heat resistance and high isolation from external noise.